So You Want To Be An Adult Male Performer

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Leigh Gallagher is a reputable and respected female producer of adult content in the UK for over 20 years. Here she provides an answer to the most often asked question by men <br>How do I get into the porn business?



 Firstly, here are some key facts….


  1. Being a male performer does NOT pay huge money! You’ll get less than the female and less than the producer!
  2. You will often be required to travel, UK wide, at your own expense.
  3. You will be required to get fully tested for STD’s and HIV/PCR every 3 weeks. You will need to produce your certs before every shoot.
  4. You will be expected to get hard and stay hard, NOT cum during photoset or video filming, and then cum on demand.
  5. Most of the positions are NOT natural and can be very tricky to master.
  6. You do NOT get to choose the female performers! This industry includes ladies aged 18 – 70. All shapes and sizes.
  7. You will be expected to be able to work with camera over your shoulder, between your legs, stopping and starting etc. Its NOT glamourous!
  8. You will always be CLEAN, well presented, and respectful to the female. We don’t want some guy who thinks he can throw the model around and be rough/dominant. You are NOT the star – the female is.
  9. Yes you MUST show your FACE in the films!
  1. You need at least 7-8 inches and be reasonably fit/slim.





If you want to be taken SERIOUSLY as a prospective male performer, you first need a good portfolio and showreel.  Presenting yourself in a professional way will make people more likely to book you for shoots.



Step 1 - Portfolio shoot - solo


Get some professional solo pics done. Clothed to nude/erect. (If you want me to do this for you I can, at a cost to you of £150)


Step 2 - Portfolio shoot – BG


Next thing is to get some professional hardcore photos done, along with a video showreel. (I can do this for you but its not cheap as we also have to pay the female model….rough cost total £400-£500)


**On occasion I will have opportunities for you to do a FREE screentest (stills and video at BG level). If you wish to be offered one of these rare spots, then I would email you with when and where and expect you to be there, at your own cost**




Once you have taken these steps and invested time and money into yourself then people will respect that and know that you mean business.




Your next step will be to do some TFP or content share shoots. There are shoots where the female and yourself are both working for FREE, and both get copies of the material to do with what you please. This will often be more ‘amateur’ style shooting, so is NOT good material for a showreel.


Get a decent Twitter up and running, promote yourself A LOT, put your pics and some clips of your videos on…. Also get yourself on portfolio sites such as Purpleport, Madcow, AdultFolio – these are great as they facilitate a referral/feedback section…so now you can start getting ‘references’.


Once you have a good list of females that you have worked with on TFP/content basis – you are starting your way to having some kind of CV…. I would recommend a year or this before you would then be ready to approach PROFESSIONAL producers such as myself.





A lot of guys ask me WHY I won’t simply book them for a shoot, even though they aren’t experienced.


So, at ‘pro’ level, I invest a lot of time, travel and money into my shoots. I would be booking and paying for a location somewhere, paying for my own travel to get there, paying for my hotel/accommodation, paying the female model etc. This is around £500 - £700 that Ive invested.


As a pro, I shoot scenes that Im going to SELL to companies.


If I book you on a shoot and

  1. a) you don’t turn up
  2. b) you can’t get hard
  3. c) you can’t do a cum shot


Then I’m £500- £700 down with nothing to sell.


THIS is why professional companies only book guys that we KNOW can do the job.



If you are still keen to give the adult industry a go after reading this then feel free to contact me to arrange a portfolio shoot, or indeed get another professional producer to do your portfolio for you and then come back to me in a year or so when you’ve fulfilled the requirements I’ve listed.


PLEASE NOTE – At present I personally am only looking for new guys aged 18 – 34, so, although I’m happy to help you build your portfolio and showreel, I wouldn’t be able to offer you any paid work MYSELF at the end of your ‘amateur’ year.



Good Luck!


Leigh Gallagher