Camgirl.Clould official release of Webcam Overlays for webcam performers

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Exciting to announce that Camgirl.Cloud has extended its range of services to include astonishing overlays for webcam performers. Among the already-popular overlays we can mention mini-games, tip alerts, reach my goal, lower thirds...

Camgirl.Cloud has extended their range of services for webcam performers.

CGC has announced the official release of the first batch of webcam overlays. Click here

Right from development department into testing environment , production and finally public access Camgirl Live Editor steps up again with a new and innovative concept .

Browser based mini-games overlays is exactly what it sounds like.

In our development department we've started brainstorming from a major problem which webcam performers have tried to search for answers and find solutions, ideas, suggestions.

"Low traffic, low revenue... keep users in room..." sounds familiar?

Ok, we know webcam performers do their best to have activity and interaction in their virtual rooms while broadcasting live but how to maintain, how to keep viewers in was a big issue.

Well, our successful solution comes in form of overlays, browser based overlays more precisely.

Mini-games like Wheel of Luck, Flip the Coin, Text Slots Machine are some of the mini-game overlays we've added on our platform.



These tools are "designed" to boost interaction, performer's revenue add more entertainment and keep audience on edge in room .

Under the hood:
- browser based overlays distributed from cloud environment
- use of Live Editor tool to change text and images along with Controller environment for quick-edit and animation triggers (Controller can be used with any mobile device or tablet)

- optimized for fast rendering and fast page load. No video files used as animations, no drop-frame issue
- tested and compatible with OBS and SplitCam Software

Where these overlays work?

Here's the list

Useful links:

Overlays Gallery


Camgirl.Cloud released Tip Alerts and trigger by tip animations

Yup its official, Camgirl.Cloud released the trigger by tip animation overlays for webcam performers.

Currently we've focused on tip alerts for Chaturbate platform but we didn't left anyone behind so other types of overlays are available on our gallery.

Due to popularity of this new feature available on our platform we had to prioritize and release this new development as integrated option in certain Plans.
Updates - extended Plans (even more stuff, same value):
– CB Basic gets OL Standalone (free with CB Basic - no additional charge)
– CB Gold gets mini games (free with CB Gold - no additional charge)
– CB Premium gets Tip alerts (free with CB Premium - no additional charge)
– CB + MFC Package gets same as Premium (free with Package - no additional charge)
– Studios (Basic / Gold / Premium ) will get max + a bunch of storages

Of course Overlays Plan Basic  Plan Gold are available as standalone plans and can be accessed with individual single license

"That's why we're the best..."

✍ Questions, suggestions feedback ? you know what to do...