New Private Content Platform Freyja puts performers first.

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New platform designed to give protection and support to performers and users alike by
cominbining a safe content site with sex education.

LONDON/HELSINKI,– Freyja has launched today as the world’s first safe, sustainable and educational adult private content platform.

Built with and by industry veterans, such as Samantha Bentley, Freyja is built primarily for the industry and its performers. The result is a lower commission fee, fair and transparent guidelines, and an accessible management team. As a platform developed for this industry, there is no risk of being kicked off the platform without warning.

Freyja takes a completely new approach and offers support resources, mentoring programs, workshops, and industry insights to its performers. Freyja operates with a performer board so that performers are involved in the operations of the company. Our board currently consists of Samantha Bentley, Kiki Minaj, Misha Cross, Kloe Kane and Danielle Maye. We are excited to develop more relationships with an even wider range of performers.

The platform has a pleasant user interface and is easy to use. It is as easy as using any other social media. There are also more ways to earn money, such as selling content to consumers who aren’t subscribed to your profile, selling sex-advice, and selling SPRINTS, which are swipable collections of short video clips. There is even a search and discovery functionality for users, which will allow any performer to increase their fanbase even further.

Freyja can offer reliability and security because it is based on a sophisticated moderation system, which makes sure that all content is moderated before it is published. This makes Freyja’s platform future proof and ensures that banks or governments won’t just cut it off. This also allows performers to post all their content without them having to worry that it might be taken down later. This also allows us to prevent child-pornography and revenge porn and therefore makes the whole industry safer.

But Freyja is much more. It’s a movement fighting sexual harassment and violence in the industry and wider society. Together with charities, therapists, and psychologists, we have developed extensive educational and support resources that make up for inadequate sex-education and a lack of high quality information. Together, we can make sex and intimacy better and safer for everyone.

We also allow selected studios on our platform. If you want to get a studio account, get in touch!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to and sign-up now. Be a part of the change, and let’s break the taboo of the industry together.

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