launched it’s full Featured Android App!

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SmuttyFy is proud to introduce it’s Android App, available on Google Play, as an open beta in a late development stage.

Along with a rebranding, much lighter and joyful, the app carries the ability to give users much more control over their content and a much superior engagement experience.


Some of the more relevant features of the App are:

  • Register, Login, forgotten Password and account delete: Secure and fully GDPR complaint.
  • Timeline with reactions and “followers” engagement system: Post, poke, engage, react, follow and build a sustainable community around you. .
  • Add User Status, Profile Posts, Page Posts, Blog Posts and much more: carry all you activities natively on the App.
  • Groups: Create communities with common interests.
  • Post Privacy: Ability to control post Privacy.
  • Search Filter Page: advanced search filter… find what you’re looking for.
  • Profile Picture, Cover picture and Profile Background: Decorate your pages the best way you want! It’s your place.
  • #Hashtags and @Mentions: Call in whoever you want!.
  • Messages system: 1-to-1 and group chat!
  • Pro members Profiles: Become a featured member, promote content, post promotions, get verified and much more!
  • Boost Post: Promote content / profile posts
  • Funding: users can create funds, and get paid


We are so happy to have reached this milestone. It is a huge piece of the puzzle that we just got in.” says Smuttyfy CEO Mike Pinto. Moreover, “The rebranding, with a much lighter feeling, happier mood and a much-intended full color spectrum, along with the App, is the way to tell users they are quite welcome to join in and make SmuttyFy their place. As a mature targeted Social Network, safety, security and stability are paramount. Making users look good it’s a bonus!”

To get the app, SmuttyFy App!