Former Producer Heads Up Convoy To Ukraine

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Former producer turned charity ally Jim Deans is leading a convoy to Ukraine and would appreciate donations of clothing, dry foods, medication and more to help with the relief work much needed in Ukraine right now.

Sussex Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine

Food and Sanitary Donations 


Jim Deans is leading a convoy to Ukraine to assist with relief work during the crisis there. If anyone would like to make a donation of any of the following items on the list it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Dried foods with long shelf life. These need to have a minimum of 6 months before the use by date to comply with customs. DO NOT DONATE FRESH FOOD
  • Baby food and milk formula 
  • Sanitary products such as nappies of all sizes, women's sanitary products, tooth brushes/paste, soaps etc, Wet-wipes, energy bars, over the counter medication (Headache, Constipation), any food that doesn't spoil and can be eaten without heating/preparation
  • Clean and warm socks/gloves children sizes as well. 
  • Small Portable Gas cookers and the cartridges,
  • Kids really like the small 0.2 litre fruit juices as well
  • Phone SIM cards with £5 credit on it, Ukraine network cards do not work in Hungary/Poland.
  • Water containers that can be flattened like camping ones.


All donations must arrive no later than Sunday 13th March. Loading will be at Providence place from 10am


Sussex Homeless Support 35b Providence Place, Brighton BN1 4GE



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