Voices From The Party Scene

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This article was contributed by a veteran of the party scene to offer insight about the adult party scene in the UK

I am a (Pay) Party organiser.


I have been organising parties (or events) for over ten years.


 Parties are big business!


I have organised swinger parties (up to 200 people), bukkakes, greedy girl/gangbang events and general “pay” parties (ie the girls are paid to fuck the male guests) and occasional fetish event.


Swinger parties are usually socially inclined. Everyone attends a swinger event for a variety of (sexual) reasons but one of the main attractions is to network and make friends/contacts. Health and safety in swinger parties is paramount. But it is left to the individuals to take whatever precautions they wish. Nothing is mandatory (apart from No means No) so there is a risk of contracting a virus. Condom use is encouraged but not compulsory! 


(Pay) Parties exist to fill a need.


A top male desire is to attend an orgy – take part in group sex/have sex with (or just watch)  multiple women in one place or simply to fulfil a fantasy. For many its on their bucket list. For others its almost an addiction. Yes, a male can go to a singles night at a club, but he will be one of dozens of horny single guys with no guarantees of sex. At a pay party he will be one of a few guys with some super sexy women who will fuck his brains out.


There are many varieties of  parties. (Parties is a generic term for events where the females are paid and the guests pay to take part). They vary from the greedy girl parties or gang-bangs (one or two females taking on multiple guys) to the (very expensive) supermodel parties (held in luxury hotels, country houses and boats). In between are people like myself who arrange parties in apartments, venues, clubs and my own house. It can be a party if its one girl entertaining 3 paying guests or 10 girls with 30 guests. Or 100 guests. Or more. The permutations are infinite.


What goes on at a pay party? Who works at these parties? 


I cannot obviously discuss other organisers events and I will not name the party websites. They can all be found in the usual search engines. Adultwork carries many profiles promoting them. The ones I do know about and are familiar with are very clean and safe (in the London/South area) but as with any service you must check the reviews and comments. Have they got a website? How long have the organisers been arranging parties? Are the girls working the parties escorts (check their feedback on Adultwork)? Are the girls porn stars? Or both? Or are they just civilian girls who enjoy a party and sex? What type of venue? How many attending? What is the ratio male/female? Do couples attend? Nationalities of the girls? The cost? Check the small print!


Depending on what a customer wants, the better parties have a low ratio ie two males per female. Three/Four per female is acceptable. Many parties the ratios are much higher. The girls I book are experienced party girls. Rarely do I book a novice. Each girls background is different but over the years I have arranged parties where most girls also work in adult media. Porn performers are very popular for obvious reasons. If I publicise that a well known porn star is at the party – it will be full in a few days. The girls are (mostly) reliable and very professional in their work. Plus they enjoy it!


Why do girls work the parties? What do they get out of it?


All have individual reasons but (in my case) they know they will have a great evening with lovely guests in a safe environment and be paid at the end! For porn stars its almost like “Meet ( Fuck) the Fans” and it gets their name out there. Escorts can get additional clients and for the occasional housewife who comes along free she gets lots of sex. The money can be better than you imagine. Some party hosts pay a pittance it's true but the girls wouldn't return if they didn't get financial satisfaction. One party host gave the girls a grand each as a bonus recently on top of the generous amount they were already being paid. Of course the saying, If you want Quality you have to pay for it, holds true..


Are parties legal?


Its a grey area. In one sense parties could be considered a brothel where more than one (female) is offering sexual services in exchange for money. The way organisers get round this is to call the entry charge a “contribution” - to the running costs of the party. Some take deposits in advance as the party scene is notorious for time wasters and no shows. What the girls do during the party is up to them! The authorities monitor certain parties where mainly overseas girls work. These parties could have illegals, trafficked or even under age. Many girls from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia can be found at these “private” parties. Stay away.


Are they safe – for security and health?


The majority of professionally arranged parties are perfectly safe and secure. Via Adultwork and other sites we can view the potential guests feedback. Security is always present and with the help of non playing hostesses who constantly “keep an eye” on proceedings there is little chance of “double-dipping” (using same condom on another girl) or trying without a condom. Of course, in the heat of a party and dimmed lights, things maybe missed but the girls know the routine anyway. Most insist on putting the condom on the guest and taking it off for hygienic disposal immediately after. Guests shower first (always a queue!) and sometimes again before they leave.


The girls (the ones I work with) all get regular sexual health checks. Intercourse is protected and it's left to individual girls to decide if they will do owo (oral without). I leave leaflets and cards of clinics and testing for customers and often discuss sexual health with them. Many customers do get tested and others not so regularly. Yes, it is a risk, but this is not a porn set and its not bareback sex. The porn stars who come to these parties are aware of the risk and are professional in their service and attitude. No-one wants to get a virus. The very few times a condom has split at a party the guest and girl both get tested asap after and their results are relayed to me. Many of my guests are regulars who know the score and always follow the rules. The newcomers are divided in two. Ones who have been to a party and understand etiquette and ones who are party virgins. Party virgins are welcomed and looked after. Rules are explained clearly. In ten years of party organising and having thousands of guests to deal with over that time, we have only ejected 5 (a bit too drunk) and banned a handful. There has never been violence or even a bad argument.


Sex parties have been organised probably as long as money was exchanged for sex. Just as in the porn industry risks are minimised. There is cross-over between the two. Some porn producers arrange parties and gang-bangs themselves and often invite the girls from their labels to attend these events. Its one way of promoting the latest video or the label itself.


And the So called “Bareback Parties”?


Bareback parties cause a big stir in social media. Understandably most are repulsed by this part of the business. In no way are we associated with this type of party. Bareback parties are hugely popular on the continent especially Germany. German law now forbids this type of party so they get round it by putting out condoms and the girls just don't use them. Some of these girls travel from Benelux, Germany and Italy to attend parties here in the UK. If we know of a customer attending a bb party, he is barred. The organisers say the girls are certed, but what about the customers? Some bb parties ask the guests to bring certs. Unfortunately some men are so desperate for bb sex they will risk their health and anyone they have sexual relations with. Including wife or girlfriend, who if they don't get checked could even prove fatal.


“So hun, tell me how I have caught chlamydia? Who else have you been fucking?”


It's sad to admit that too many men are ignorant of the huge risks being taken simply because their dicks rule their brains.


The pay party scene is not a lot different from the swinger scene although probably more performers work in it than go swinging. But the same rules apply. The other difference is at many swinger parties it can take hours before any real action happens. At a pay party it starts as soon as most have arrived. Its then sex non-stop for hours!! The biggest pleasure for me and my crew is to listen to and read the great feedback we get from the guests. Big smiles on faces. Plus the girls are purring....


Update: The Covid issue


This article was written before the pandemic.


Covid has changed everything globally. The sex industry (which is arguably the most resilient industry of all) has adapted succesfully. Of course, some parties were held in private, even in lockdown. But the party professionals obeyed the rules and observed restrictions just as most people did.  We are now entering the final phases of restrictions (hopefully) and parties are starting up again. Some are asking guests to have a PCR test prior to the event or are taking other preventative measures. Others organisers are carrying on “as normal”. Everyone has a risk level and we all decide what is acceptable. It will be interesting to see how the party scene and the wider adult industry copes with the changes going on in society.