Frisk cyber crime attack!

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Should other sites be concerned?

August was a very stressful month for Frisk it’s users. One of the industries favourite fan sites was victim to a targeted cyber attack.


During the early morning on the 24th August, Frisk’s creator browse page was defaced with graffiti. There’s currently an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the Met police and cyber crime team.


The Frisk team have been very open and honest with everyone. Within just a few hours of the attack, Frisk had put out an honest statement announcing what was happening informing everyone that will be taken offline so the police can investigate. It was very sad to see Frisk switched off at around 10:30 on 24th August.


This incident understandably had everyone stressed and concerned about what’s going on. Frisk was inundated with questions and enquiries with panicked users and performers. Everyone was concerned if any personal information has been accessed.


One of the most common questions on everyone’s mind was whether any ID’s are stored on Frisk and if any banking information had been compromised.


In a statement Frisk advised NO id’s are stored on Frisk following the verification process. Also, Frisk want to reassured everyone the only banking info held is your account number, which is not stored in the data base with any other data that would allow someone to access your account.


Frisk are trying to be as transparent and open with everyone and help ease peoples worries and concerns. The very next day on the 25th, the beautiful Sasha McGee, who’s one of the proud owners of Frisk put out a candid video statement on Frisks You Tube page explaining in more detail the situation updating everyone on the investigation.


Watching the video pulls at your heart strings, Sasha is so composed and professional while talking about this very difficult time for her and the team. I think this uncontrived video shows us Frisk’s dedication to their users and customers by always putting us and our needs first even during a crisis they’re thinking of us.


In the video Sasha openly talks about the cyber attack. Sasha also says “we have a duty of care not only to creators and our customers, but also to other adult platforms.” Explaining that Frisk have been made aware in last 72 hours there have been other adult sites that have been targeted in the same time frame.


This has caused many to fear whether this is an attack on our industry, or an isolated incident. With no other sites coming forward about being attacked too it’s hard to confirm.


3 mins in to the video statement Sasha candidly opens up talks in more detail about an similar incident which happened last year on Frisk. Where the site and it’s owners were blackmailed by an ex contractor who had worked on the site.


Frisk now have strong evidence against that person which is in the hands of the met police and international cyber crime team. They do not want to jeopardise the on going investigation but, Frisk felt like they owed it to their creators to speak out now they know all the facts.


After days of Frisk being offline so the site could be investigated and checked. Frisk went back live on the evening of the 28th August. The whole Frisk community was relieved and happy to welcome the site back and looking forward to getting back to business as usual.


Frisk now have a brand new team of developers who are trustworthy sex worker friendly. Frisk wants to continue empowering sex workers and no matter what we will all continue to grow strong. They want to reassure content creators that their content, data and funds have not been compromised.


I can personally confirm that my page at Frisk is working great, no missing content, funds was there as expected and majority of my fans have stood by me and remain on the site. I’m still getting new subs and tips which makes my heart so happy to have my fans support through this very difficult time.


Time for some great news for you guys! This is HOT tea….I’m very excited to share with you all that the Frisk developers have been working so hard to create a brand new version of Frisk which will have all the features you love, as well as some new features the frisk community has asked for and some which we haven’t asked for. Ooooh how exciting.


Understandably Many of you may have concerns about security on the site, as it is very important factor. Frisk are going to be implementing 2 factor authentication, Geo blocking and many other robust security measures in place to further protect everyone.


Frisk appreciates how stressful this has been for everyone. Frisk are absolutely dedicated to our community and will put everything they have to provide a safe and empowering community for sex workers and customers. Sasha would like to say a personal thank you from the bottom of her heart for all the support and love they have been shown.


We got this, we will grow move forward from this wiser and stronger, even more empowered!


Make sure you watch the full statement video here on the Frisk you tube channel and make sure you subscribe to their page too.


Keep up to date with all the latest info and competitions on Twitter @FriskVIP. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Frisk support on their email [email protected] or get in touch with me here by sending a DM if you have any thing you would like to say or add on the topic.