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Dr David Ley is a clinical psychologist and author with a speciality in sex therapy. He's written three books: "Insatiable Wives", "The Myth of Sex Addiction" and "Ethical Porn for Dicks". In this episode, Dr Ley and Holly discuss why he doesn't believe in porn (or sex) addiction, and why porn is healthy and men shouldn't be shamed for watching it. Also: is it actually women who are the architects of slut-shaming, and why do women have rape fantasies?

00:39 How he became a sex therapist and how he's trained other therapists.
03:37 His first two books: Insatiable Wives & The Myth of Sex Addiction.
11:15 Shame about sex is more damaging than sex itself.
140 People who watch more porn are more open minded.
14:57 Porn doesn't shape society, it reflects it.
18:29 We treat sex differently than other human behaviors.
22:50 Is sex addiction real?
29:30 His third book, Ethical Porn for Dicks.
37:30 Women search for rough sex porn more than men.
44:34 Women often stigmatize the sexuality of other women.
52:42 Can porn be beneficial?