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Kai Taylors Real Talk Podcast 10

Kai interviews australian adult performer Yasmin Scott about her path from Australia to porn in Europe. Her first anal and calling each other cunt.

Kai Taylors Real Talk Podcast#9

Fans ask questions about his masturbation habit, girl fans, doing a range of accent, personal choice for male performer, how to reduce chances of getting STDs in the business, peeing after sex? Non Oxynol 9, disclaimers on porn scenes? Ass to mouth. Injuries on porn sets. Rates of pay. Fake pop shots.

3 w - Youtube

Stirling Cooper offers advice on key issues of mens confidence with dating, sexual health and performance.

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Kai Taylors Real Talk Podcast #8

Kai answers questions about his first shoot with his first on screen partner and performer anxiety. His first introduction to the business. The various challenges of dealing with different people in the business. Learning the business of performing. Working for pro companies. Seperating work and private life. Viagra. Advice for best tasting cum. Cum slamming and snow balling. What girls think about his job. What he likes after a days work. Couples who do porn. Would you tell you family what you do?

Kai Taylors Real Talk Podcast #7 with Katy Jane
Kai interviews new british adult performer Katy Jane about how she got into the business. She talks about doing her first anal in Europe. Kai talks about being an english stud in the US. Kai answers questions about the business. How do they know what they are doing on the day. Are girls helpful to males struggling to get hard? How long does it take to shoot a scene? Can you have sex with the girls the way you want to? Funny things behind the scenes. Advice from Rocco. Who pays for travel and tests?


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