Photography is in itself an artform our film or digital Media is our canvas and the photographer is the artist. What we are shooting becomes our subject. Sometimes a photographers subject is an inanimate other times it is an object in motion and for others it is flesh and blood.
While a painter may paint from a photo or image in their imagination, usually the want to capture something or someone from a particular angle or in the case of the human body from a particular angle.
As photographers we don't photograph pictures we photograph and freeze a moment in time. It may be a snow covered mountain top or a squirl playing in the park or a person posing for us.
While I have shot most everything from a building fire to a body ejected from a car hit by a train to weddings, travel and even artists performing live on stage. But my passion has always centered around photographing beautiful women in little or no clothing.
When I was a teen ager already with a camera in hand photographing and filming school events and local area hapenings. I found buried in my uncles drawer when he moved a stack of playboys. Now we are talking about the early 1970's.
I was captivated by the beautiful bodies on these girls. I wanted to be the one who captured this beauty.