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Photography shoot Done w/me


Photography is in itself an artform our film or digital Media is our canvas and the photographer is the artist. What we are shooting becomes our subject. Sometimes a photographers subject is an inanimate other times it is an object in motion and for others it is flesh and blood.
While a painter may paint from a photo or image in their imagination, usually the want to capture something or someone from a particular angle or in the case of the human body from a particular angle.
As photographers we don't photograph pictures we photograph and freeze a moment in time. It may be a snow covered mountain top or a squirl playing in the park or a person posing for us.
While I have shot most everything from a building fire to a body ejected from a car hit by a train to weddings, travel and even artists performing live on stage. But my passion has always centered around photographing beautiful women in little or no clothing.
When I was a teen ager already with a camera in hand photographing and filming school events and local area hapenings. I found buried in my uncles drawer when he moved a stack of playboys. Now we are talking about the early 1970's.
I was captivated by the beautiful bodies on these girls. I wanted to be the one who captured this beauty.


So What is eroticism?

Eroticisn is that quality found in any form of artwork, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music, or literature.

Although there are different descriptions for this term, a couple of dominant themes emerged to encapsulate the word “Eroticism”.

One definition is that eroticism is a state of sexual arousal or sexual excitement (an insistent sexual impulse, desire, or pattern of thoughts) or anticipation of it.

Another is that eroticism is something that has the quality or character of being able to arouse sexual excitement or feelings. This quality may be found in any form of artwork, including painting, photography, drama, film, music and literature as well as in advertsing.

Eroticism Also is referred to as one’s ability to experience sexual thoughts, desires and sensations.

As I photographer I think iys important to mention as I have in my podcast. Just because you take a photo in Black & White doesn't make it "Erotic". Its the mood, the lighting, the pose and sometimes other elements that we add like lingerie or oil and water and even shadows.

Personally I love shooting black and white because it brings me memories of my beginnings in Manhattan in the early 1980's shooting models in my Manhattan Studio.


What Eroticism is all about. Open to discuss what Eroticism is to you, how you use it to make your life and relations better.

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