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She wowed Simon Cowell on the X-Factor, now see the gorgeous, multi-talented Michelle Thorne indulging her filthiness fantasies as she sets out on a mission to deprave and corrupt some lovely female newcomers!
First off, Michelle joins black stud Omar Williams, aka Big Willy for a brilliant three way shag with her horny Czech au-pair, Alexandra.

When Michelle catches Jamie More smoking a crafty cigarette in the loo she soon gives her something less health-threatening to suck on!

Posing as a model agent Michelle picks up gorgeous Michelle moist in the street." I'm not a lesbian," says Miss Moist but soon goes on the turn once her fanny gets well fingered!

Next Michelle sets her sinful sights on Penelope, her cute young short-haired makeup artist, stripping her off. She gets to work on her pussy with tongue and fingers!

Finally, our nympho blonde has hired a gorgeous Columbian girl as an au-pair, she sees her bending over in the kitchen and can't resist moving in on her lovely arse and pussy!

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Michelle's first DP Fantasy is to get fucked by 2 masked intruders. She sucks them both balls deep then spreads her legs to let Stefan fuck her wet pussy while Antonio plunges his big black cock deep into her tight ass. The boys swop places and Michelle gets fucked all over again taking hot spunk from both blokes in her mouth and over her legendary massive tits. Read more online....

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In the porn business, there are literally thousands of starlets and maybe a few dozen true stars at any one time. Only a few ever transcend to the level of superstar.

Then there’s Michelle Thorne; a living legend!

By nearly all accounts, she is the United Kingdom’s greatest adult model of all time. The combination of her beauty, style, sexual voraciousness, connection with fans, and longevity is testament to that.

Now, for the first time in her 13 year career, there is a DVD produced, directed, and starring the UK’s Number One Pornstar. Read more online

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Bad girl Titney Spheres is on the fast track to being the biggest singing sensation on the planet and enjoying the hi-life! Unfortunately she is completely out of control. She has the world on a string but doesn't care. They say that sex sells in the industry. If that's the case; this nympho will be a hit! She wants to drink, fuck and suck her way to ruin in a downward spiral filled with orgasmic highs you have to see to believe. Cum along for the wet, wild and raunchy ride!

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Get ready to see Michelle Thorne as you've never seen her before!

Michelle is the consummate porn star – blonde, busty, a little bawdy, and bursting with sexual magnetism! For nearly fifteen years, she's reigned as Britain's greatest smut queen!

And she's just getting started!

Directed by Michelle herself, Pushing Boundaries sees her letting loose in ways you never thought you'd see. Across eight, full-length scenes she engages in five hardcore acts that are her very first on-camera.

Among those premières are a three-man gangbang, bonking a big, black stud, double penetration, double blowjob, and spit-roasting. You can also expect plenty of deep throat cock sucking and some anal sex.

And as always, Michelle is dressed to thrill! She's sporting super sexy costumes, lingerie, fuck-me heels, and/or stockings during each and every one of her deliciously devious sexual encounters.

Pushing Boundaries is a collectors item for anyone who loves British porn and Britain's greatest star!
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