She wowed Simon Cowell on the X-Factor, now see the gorgeous, multi-talented Michelle Thorne indulging her filthiness fantasies as she sets out on a mission to deprave and corrupt some lovely female newcomers!
First off, Michelle joins black stud Omar Williams, aka Big Willy for a brilliant three way shag with her horny Czech au-pair, Alexandra.

When Michelle catches Jamie More smoking a crafty cigarette in the loo she soon gives her something less health-threatening to suck on!

Posing as a model agent Michelle picks up gorgeous Michelle moist in the street." I'm not a lesbian," says Miss Moist but soon goes on the turn once her fanny gets well fingered!

Next Michelle sets her sinful sights on Penelope, her cute young short-haired makeup artist, stripping her off. She gets to work on her pussy with tongue and fingers!

Finally, our nympho blonde has hired a gorgeous Columbian girl as an au-pair, she sees her bending over in the kitchen and can't resist moving in on her lovely arse and pussy!

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