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Boyfriend deals with his girlfriends porn past. Real Couples deals with the realities of relationships. Thats why its more than just people doing porn You can watch the full movie of Amy and Jaz on the Yeal Couples website and get access to all the content and sites in the network for a whole month or as long as you choose to remain a member

If you subscribe to Real Couples you get more than just a whole months access to porn movies but also #behindthescenes #movies #interviews #podcasts and more. Especially on Only Fans where you get access to archived movies from One Eyed Jack as a bonus extra featuring first time #auditions Direct link:

Amica Bentley and Pascals movie is an extended edit from the original release and is hilarious for a particular clip Amica showed us during the interview (but we dont want to ruin the surprise if you get to see it) direct link on Only Fans

Robin and Tim were a fun couple to film on the day. Watch their full movie on Only Fans and the official website

Love is...Teaching your Hungarian girlfriend cockney rhyming slang
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