You know sometimes photographers get a bad rap because sometimes porn shows photographers fucking the models in the moment of their session or one bad photographer threatened a client to reveal her photos to family or on social media now called in legal terms "Revenge Porn".

In 41+ years I can honestly say I kept my ethical bounderies. However, when a girl comes back who is or was a model but business is done and wants to fuck or have a relationship I feel that is indeed morally and professionally fine.

Only once did I cross the line but it was the model who in the middle of the shoot started grabbing my crotch and proceeded to suck me right there on the set. We moved quickly to my studio bedroom where we do live webcams and she went crazy fucking me and squirting all over the place.

After that she became a regular at my apartment, eating, sleep overs and lots of sex. Even once after that she had me eating her out on a remote set location just before she did a dildo and squirt video.

That Crazy girl was Skarlette Skye, a divorced mom of 2 who was to appear in the magazine but her main income has always been as an escort.


More #thongthursday with Andrea Cardenas.

Not every shoot goes into the magazine and not every shoot is super Explicit.

Check out our Website and see what doesn't go into the magazine.

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Sometimes a Pornstar just needs a little love.

Who am I to deny her?


So with only 2 days til Christmas or one day if you celebrate on the 24th and not on the 25th. We are all scampering around with last minute stuff, web traffic is down so is twitter traffic.

But keep it hard guys.

I have lots of Content to share here and on my website.

Happy Holidays to all!

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Today is #sexysaturday at Eroticism Magazine.


Hi my name is Kevin "The Erotic Photographer", I have been shooting Fashion, Travel, Underwater and Erotic for 41 years from NYC to Brazil to 26 years in Mexico.

So this page is dedicated to my models over the last 40+ years who have blessed me with their presence in front of my lens. Some of my models have been with me for 15 years and so you might find alot of our work displayed here.

I am heading back to the US ASAP so I am taking shoots for 2022.