Tip Alert - Top Tippers overlay for webcam performers. NEW CONCEPT!

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New concept of Top Tippers triggered by Chaturbate tips showing up in webcam performer's live stream.

TipAlert - I don't think you've ever seen this concept before.

  • engage premiums into competing for the top tipper
  • high retention (meaning... at least 3 tippers will want to be on top)
  • non-intrusive and visually optimized


A browser base overlay compatible (tested) with OBS and SplitCam Software.
Shows 3 animated elements dynamically real time populated (premium username and tip amount) on the lower left area of your live stream.

The Overlay is named Tip Race - 3 Top Tippers because each time a premium tips their username and tip value is displayed on live stream .

Cumulated tips - meaning any premium can be on the list (aka 1st Diamond Star, 2nd Golden Star, 3rd Silver Star) if they continuously tip . Displayed tips are using math so all tips cumulate by a premium (add up) to the total pushing the premium who tipped on top of the list.
Like I've mentioned... a Top Tipper - TipAlert like nothing you've probably encountered before.
Good for cam games, goals and such.
Boosts interactivity and adds more popularity to webcam performer's room.

TipAlert - 3 Top Tippers Race is cool and can be used by Chaturbate webcam performers .
On Camgirl.Cloud this tip alert is released as free upgrade of Premium Plan.
A similar version BUT not triggered by tips (just the editable overlay) can be found on Overlays Standalone category.