All gender inclusive Friday

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Smutty Network and ASN Lifestyle Magazine, in association with Pineapple Support, presented the “All gender inclusive Friday”!

“LGBTQ+ communities around the world have been fighting for freedom of choice, inclusion, equality and justice, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, in our day-to-day life.  “All gender inclusive Friday” stand for that fight hopes to promote relief through support of mental health of individuals within those communities provided by Pineapple Support.” said Mike Pinto, CEO Founder of Smutty Network.


The “All gender inclusive Friday” consists on a 90% discount on the sale of Smutty Tokens until December 15, 2021. These tokens represent each 1 / 100.000.000 of the total ownership of the Smutty Network.


Smutty Network Tokens are available on the most prestigious marketplace and can be found at They are to be seen as an investment, to have and to hold while promoting the ownership of part of the fastest growing adult network.


Michael Ramos, CEO Founder of ASN Lifestyle Magazine continued to say that “The Adult industry, as many others, has had a very challenging past couple of years and institutions like Pineapple Support have been there all the way to provide one of the most important helps: support mental health.”


“We are extremely grateful for the support of the team at Smutty Network,” says Tanit, founder and CEO of Pineapple Support. “Initiatives like this send a powerful message about inclusion to the adult industry, helping to bring the community together and break down the stigma surrounding mental health."


All parties concluded to state that “In order to give back, while celebrating the season, 10% of all the proceedings of “All gender inclusive Friday” campaign will revert to Pineapple Support (, and will provide an extra incentive to provide support in times to come while showing our deepest appreciation for their endeavor.”


How can i help?

  • Go on (you will be redirected to token page)
  • Choose the amount of tokens you want to buy
  • Click "Buy now" and do authentication with wallet of choice
  • Complete the process.
  • Share on all social media! Help us raise awareness!


On behalf of Pineapple Support, ASN Lifestyle Magazine and Smutty Network, Thank you!

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