Sharing my work.

he feeling of not being able to move my arms.
Tied to the headboard.
Fingers trail from my feet, up my legs, over my breasts and a hand holding my throat.
Lips placed on mine.
Teeth pinching my bottom lip.
“Keep your eyes closed- it’s time to wake up babe”
My mind reeling.
Sensations of feeling fingers waking me.
One finger and a hand tighten.
Moving my body to get more- to feel more.
Completely awake, hungry and wet.
“Don’t move”
I knew if I did, this would stop until I stopped.
Fingers faster, my body reaching my peak.
Please, make me cum, let me cum.
Let me feel more.
My body is wide awake.
I need more and you give me more.
On top.
The hardness sliding all the way in.
A hard kiss to match the first hard thrust.
My legs open wide, my body tight and pulled by the rope holding me.
By the hand holding me.
Your mouth on my ear telling me how good it feels.
Wake up babe.
Wake up.

(c) Angela Brixie 2022