Frequently when your girlfriend of the moment is a pornstar or erotic model or even an Escort we tend to do shoots that are not for the magazine.

Like Andrea for Example, Andrea came to live with me again (the 3rd time) after her step dad threw her out with the clothes on her back and no money or debit cards just her Passport and Visa.

When I picked her up at the bus station she was in bad shape physically and emotionally. She was cut and scraped up from a motorcycle accident she had with someone who gave her a ride to the city from where she lived in the middle of the night.

I got her home gave her some clean clothes and put her in a nice hot shower before dressing her wounds. I took her to get an x-ray of her hand which looked and felt like it might have a small fracture but didn't so I wrapped it and we were good to start living together for the 3rd time in 4 years.

Yeah I probably need to get my head examined but I have a soft spot for some women / girls and I was always raised to help those in need and always have and prolly will.

So Andrea as she started to feel better got this idea since at one time both of us had been homeless to do a shoot "Life on the Street". I think unless you have been homeless and broke you can't understand how it feels.