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1 y - Youtube

Have you seen Sexposed the 6 part series about the UK adult business on Amazon Prime?

1 y - Youtube

Hardcore (2001) Touted as the best documentary ever made about the worst aspects of the adult industry. Watch this while you can as its one that gets deleted and re-upped frequenty on YouTube due to the subject matter and YouTubes guidelines

1 y - Youtube

Justin Kane (the producer of this documentary) had this to say: 10 years ago I travelled to BRNO, Czech Republic and filmed this short documentary piece about Paul Markham, focusing on a shoot he was doing for Mindgeek (then Manwin) after coming back from a shooting hiatus. I know I've posted this somewhere here before, but I wanted it to have its own thread in honor of Paul's unfortunate, recent passing.

Say what you will about him, but I'm very grateful he gave me such unfettered access to himself and this process. He was very lovely in person and honestly I think he was an immensely nice and likable guy (in real life!). On the discussion boards he could certainly come across differently, as he briefly discusses in the piece, but he shall certainly be missed. RIP Mr. Markham!

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1 y - Youtube

I memoriam to Paul Markham who passed this year we present a video by Justin Kane who interviewed in his last years. Paul was known for Astral Blue in the 80s and 90's before relocating to Prague where he shot content for publication worlswide and has had work featured in many mens magazines across the world

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