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As some know, I'm an App Whore! I love discovering new up and coming, startup businesses, testing their capabilities and mostly seeing if they are NSFW friendly and can they be used to assist Sex Workers and they're endeavors. I've said it before and continue to say it...I DO NOT PROVIDE ADVICE ONLY SUGGESTIONS! Mostly because who am I to give advice, I can only suggest what may work for u or not. So cum check it out, any questions please feel free to hmu and see ya on the flip side...Besos!



Spun Wars...a Spun Fun Game if you're interested! #bedifferent #dodiffferent #spunday

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Whats up yall! Here's a new Music Video I created with Donna Summer's MacArthur Park. Hope u enjoy...I'll be on Amateur.Tv fucking my partner's brains out...Besos! #creativeandsexy


If u saw my Blond Bombshell Video Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend, this is part of that Series


Welcum to the Puddled Wonderland page. I\ll be posting various content that is either free or paid, the services I provide, short term features and specials.